~$: whoami

In computing, whoami is a command found on most Unix-like operating systems, Intel iRMX 86, every Microsoft Windows operating system since Windows Server 2003, and on ReactOS. It is a concatenation of the words “Who am I?” and prints the effective username of the current user when invoked.


Much like the command whoami, this post is intended to tell you who I am in some basic sense. Or at least, what I’m willing to tell you.

Name: Eligos (surprise!)
Nicknames: Ellie, Yoda
Pronouns: ey/they/he/she/my liege/whatever
Gender: queer
Sexuality: queer1demi/ace/aro/poly?/fucked up
Titles: Great Duke of Hell2Eligos, Basileus of Macedon3Alexander, Emperor of the Moon4MoonEmprah on Among Us5Title bestowed by the Trash Crew, Technical Wizard, Uncle, Trashfire Prophet
Favourite Borderlands character: Lilith
Favourite Authors: pterry, Erin Morgenstern, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson
Favourite colour: purple
Favourite gin: Pentland Hills
PIN: 12346Same as my luggage code
Phone number: +44 7700 900632
Religion: atheist7recently had some thoughts on how the only valid creation-based philosophies are atheism and simulation theory but that’s another post
Politics: feminist
Film it should be a crime to have not seen: The Princess Bride
Book it should be a crime to have not read: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Best Transformers movie: Transformers: the Movie (1986)

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