In memoriam

Galeas brushed the loose dirt off their hands as they leaned back, looking at the latest addition to the memorial garden. The bright-blue-and-white lilies stood out amongst the clusters of pure blue lilies.

There were more memorials than graves here. Few graves had been added of late and hopefully there would be none added for some time.

“You were not of our House, but you were family. Sister to my brother, yes, but more than that you would have been welcomed amongst us had you chosen that path. I cannot name you as a Maurisol but you knew more of us than most, and you were truly Loyal.”

“You were there for my brother and my sister when they needed it, Loyal beyond measure. Who would I be if I were any less for your daughter? I will do all I can and if that is not enough, I will do more. I make no promises, but if I had it my way, you would both be named as Exemplars within the year. Though you understand I must ensure your Pride and Loyalty in this matter are not blind.”

They rose up then, paying no need to the mud staining their clothes. “Farewell Beatrix, may it not be long before we see your like again.”