Billy Porter

I have such a crush on Billy Porter. Crush isn’t really the right word. Hmm… Billy Porter is my idol? Better… still not quite right. It doesn’t really matter. Billy Porter is a role model for modern ways of thinking and I love that every time I see him in the news, it’s because he’s bent the rules on gender norms again.

I think the first time Billy came to my notice was after he wore the fabulous tuxedo gown to the Oscars last year.

Billy Porter in tuxedo gown
Frazer Harrison – Getty Images

This was when I was still playing Cim, so this immediately got added to the ideas board – a combination of masc and femme clothing that looked fabulous. I’m not surprised it sent the media into a tizzy.

Today he entered into my feeds again, not because of an outfit, but because he is playing the Fairy Godmother in a new Cinderella remake, and he is playing them as genderless because “Magic has no gender.” Some of the quotes from the article are brilliant:

“I think the new generation is really ready. The kids are ready. It’s the grownups that are slowing stuff down.”

Billy Porter, referencing playing the Fairy Godmother in a new Cinderella remake

For once, I might actually be looking forward to a Cinderella remake…