Power Rangers (2017)

I recently rewatched Power Rangers (2017) and I want to say how excellent a job they did compared to both previous Power Rangers films (looking at you Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)) and other nostaligia-reboots (looking at you Michael Bay Transformers reboots [especially The Last Knight which I will never forgive]).

On the other hand, I have somehow managed to brainworm myself with Trouble by Shampoo, which is from MMPR:TM and in trying to figure out what movie it was connected to, remembered it was in MMPR and then wondered why the hell it popped into my head.

+1 to PR2017 for fan service cameos that were instantly recognisable to fans but didn’t actually have any impact on the movie (looking at you Ghostbusters (2016)).

-1 to PR2017 for putting in the end sequence for a cut plot-line without ever explaining it…1The bit where Jason returns the sword at the end is supposed to be the culmination of a sword-in-the-stone plot-line where he proves he can be the leader and draws the sword from the same place earlier in the film… all of it got cut except for the bit where he puts it back

+1 to PR2017 for considering a female Tommy (never actually cast as they never got sequels)

-1 to PR2017 for Krispy Kreme – the joke was good and it meant they didn’t need to spend time setting up a well known place, but the advertising wasn’t needed and they could have just used the school gym or something

+1 to PR2017 for better representation of autism and having the kids be normal/dropouts (and having depth) instead of awesome cardboard cutouts before becoming Power Rangers

-1 to PR2017 for not being directed by Adi Shankar (see below)

+1 to PR2017 for making Rita a former power ranger gone bad

-1 to PR2017 for never explaining why Rita’s ranger powers can make monsters

+1 for “How cute. The Rangers have found their costumes and their dino-cars.”

+1 to PR2017 for Rita’s great lines in general

-1 for Rita’s gold obsession

+1 to PR2017 for Goldar not being an alien ape?

-1 to PR2017 for Goldar being made of gold

+1 for having a reason for zords being dinosaurs

-1 for Zordon happening to the dinosaurs

+1 for heroes struggling to use their powers

-1 for Zordon being a dick

+1 for the black ranger not being black and actual representation amongst the rangers

-1 to PR2017 for the Rangers being awful

More batshit reviews may come as my mind drives me to them.

Originally posted under a different name.