Recent I was challenged to provide images from films which have had an impact on me. No posters, no titles, no explanations. It’s a relatively common chain meme format including the bit where you’re supposed to nominate someone new to take on the challenge every day.

Image cut from the original advertisement for the Impact typeface
While this post has nothing to do with typefaces or fonts, I couldn’t resist the pun.

I was tagged in this one and decided to do it because I felt like it was an interesting subject – what films have had an impact on me? So I decided to participate (though without the tagging of other people) and now that it is over, I’m providing all the film images I used with title and some explanation. Because I don’t need to follow the rules if I don’t want to. However, to allow people to play along, the title and explanation will be hidden within spoiler tags.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

A group of people gather beneath a cliff

[spoiler]Midsommar (2019) – this film is beautiful, a reversal of common tropes with a rich history and background barely scratched by this film[/spoiler]

Kevin Costner demolishes a sign outside a toilet

[spoiler]Hidden Figures (2016) – this film tells the story of Katherine Goble (better known as Katherine Johnson) and other Afro-American women and the role they played in bringing humanity to space.[/spoiler]

A soldier tries to cross a broken bridge

[spoiler]1917 (2019) – this film, cleverly shot to look like one take is beautful and heart-wrenching.[/spoiler]

A giant robot stands upon a planet

[spoiler]Transformers: the Movie (1986) – quintessentially the best Transformers film made to date. One I grew up with and have watched regularly since the 90s.[/spoiler]

A janitor draws on a blackboard

[spoiler]Good Will Hunting (1997) – goodness, was it only 1997 this was released? An absolute gem starring Matt Damon and Robin Williams.[/spoiler]

A group of men relax on a grassy bank

[spoiler]All Quiet on the Western Front (1979) – until I was looking for a screencap, I didn’t realise there were two versions of this film. I’m pretty convinced this is the one I watched in History class many years ago. I have a copy of the book as well, should get to reading that. Another film on the realities of war – from a German perspective rather than a western one.[/spoiler]

Darth Vader reaches out his hand

[spoiler]The Empire Strikes Back (1980) – the best Star Wars film ever made (definitely in terms of the main story line, arguably when compared to Rogue One). It has nothing to do with my nickname, and Vader is still the biggest badass on screen.[/spoiler]

A bearded lady in a ballgown sings to camera

[spoiler]The Greatest Showman (2017) – not because of the subject matter but because of this one scene. The song This is Me is such a hit that strikes down to the core of me.[/spoiler]

School boys stand on their desks facing the camera

[spoiler]Dead Poets Society (1989) – another Robin Williams classic. Oh captain, my captain…[/spoiler]

A ranger, a barbarian, a mage, a warrior, and a thief cross a bridge

[spoiler]The Gamers (2002) – a cult phenomenon that went on to spark two sequel films, a webseries, and brought together a global community of fans to collaborate in storytelling efforts. I think I own everything they’ve ever created in some format or other.[/spoiler]

That rounds out my ten films. How many did you know without looking at the spoilers?